Maksim Tkachenko
If you want to contact me, please drop me an email:

Look into my CV (Aug 2018).

I am a PhD at School of Information Systems (Singapore Management University). My advisor is Hady W. Lauw.

Research interests include: natural language processing, machine learning, information extraction, graphical models, machine translation

Some projects I developed and was involved in:

  • simple-ml, a bunch of on-line classifiers;
  • extern, a serialization code generator for Java;
  • tree-svm, tree kernels for SVM;
  • plrmm, Plackett-Luce Regression Mixture Model;
  • SentiVec, sentiment-infused word embeddings;
  • Venom, a focused crawler for the deep web;
  • CompareLDA, a topic model for document comparison;

>> I beg you to do more random runs in your experiments! <<

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