Maksim Tkachenko

Look into my CV (February 2021). 

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I am a Research Scientist with Preferred.AI research group at School of Information Systems (Singapore Management University). My advisor is Hady W. Lauw.

Research interests: text mining, natural language processing, machine learning, information extraction, graphical models, statistics, machine translation

It is always good to air our research to the interested parties, talks (with videos): 

Attaining high standards of reproducibility, I try to publish all the research and project-related prototypes:

  • simple-ml, a bunch of online classifiers;
  • tree-svm, tree kernels for SVM;
  • plrmm, Plackett-Luce Regression Mixture Model;
  • SentiVec, sentiment-infused word embeddings;
  • Venom, a focused crawler for the deep web;
  • CompareLDA, a topic model for document comparison;
  • Neural Network Lab, a web-based interactive visual development environment for deep learning models;
  • SnappyBuyer, a platform that allows you to make better and faster decisions when buying electronic products;

Looking for publications? Google Scholar | DBLP (I find it is better at assigning the dates)

I just leave them here, peer-reviewed:

"CompareLDA: A Topic Model for Document Comparison" (Maksim Tkachenko and Hady W. Lauw), Proc. AAAI, 2019 / Get paper in PDF

"Comparison Mining from Text" (Maksim Tkachenko), PhD Dissertation, Singapore Management University, 2018 / Get dissertation in PDF

"Searching for the X-Factor: Exploring Corpus Subjectivity for Word Embeddings" (Maksim Tkachenko, Chong Cher Chia, and Hady W. Lauw), Proc. ACL, 2018 / Get paper in PDF

"Comparative Relation Generative Model" (Maksim Tkachenko and Hady W. Lauw), In IEEE TKDE, 2017 / Get paper in PDF

"Plackett-Luce Regression Mixture Model for Heterogeneous Rankings" (Maksim Tkachenko and Hady W. Lauw), Proc. CIKM, 2016 / Get paper in PDF

"A Convolution Kernel Approach to Identifying Comparisons in Text" (Maksim Tkachenko and Hady W. Lauw), Proc. ACL, 2015 / Get paper in PDF

"Generative Modeling of Entity Comparisons in Text" (Maksim Tkachenko and Hady W. Lauw), Proc. CIKM, 2014 / Get paper in PDF

"Introducing Baselines for Russian Named Entity Recognition" (Rinat Gareev, Maksim Tkachenko, Valery D. Solovyev, Andrey Simanovsky, Vladimir Ivanov), Proc. CICLing, 2013

"Named Entity Recognition: Exploring Features" (Maksim Tkachenko and Andrey Simanovsky), Proc. KONVENS, 2012 / Get paper in PDF

"Selecting Features for Domain-Independent Named Entity Recognition" (Maksim Tkachenko and Andrey Simanovsky), Proc. KONVENS, Short Paper, 2012 / Get paper in PDF

"Classifying Wikipedia Entities into Fine-Grained Classes", (Maksim Tkachenko, Alexander Ulanov, Andrey Simanovsky), Proc. ICDE, Workshop Paper, 2011